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Blacklist Lookup


Your website is blocklisted?

That’s a major problem. But how do you know that your website is blocklisted?

Well, there is a tool to check out either your website is on the blocklist or not.

If your website is listed on the blocklist then you might not be able to operate it. The website will also be banned from Google Adsense and monetization will also be stopped for that particular website. Blacklist lookup is a tool introduced and designed for all large and small companies who own a website.

A website that contains any harmful content or link that can damage the user’s PC or browser is blacklisted by Google. A blacklist website is also expelled from the search engine results losing its 95% traffic. If you think your website or a specific webpage of your website contains harmful content or malicious software then it’s better to check it using the blacklist lookup tool.

The most efficient blacklist lookup tool is available at, just click on the link and you will be redirected to the backlist lookup tool.


How to use the Blacklist Lookup Tool?

The use of this tool is extremely easy and requires no technical knowledge but if you are using this tool, this clearly means you are a technical person with blogging or website knowledge.


Step 1: Visit, and you will be redirected to this tool directly.


Step 2: A dialogue box will be shown on the screen which says to enter the URL of a website or a particular webpage for which reverse IP domain would be checked.


Step 3: As per the instructions, just enter the URL of the website.


Step 4: Just hit the “submit” button and wait for the results to be displayed on the screen.


The results will be shown in the form of a table that will display the page URL with the hosted IP address and will show a message if you have a blacklisted website.


Why use the Blacklist Lookup Tool?

The blacklist lookup tool is an incredibly amazing tool introduced for bloggers and website owners.

It helps them in checking out their websites and blogs if they are hacked or not. Hacked website or those which contains some malicious software are more likely to be Deranked than the normal ones. The blacklist lookup tool helps bloggers to save time, this tool checks each page of the website entered.

The final result is displayed in the form of two separate tables. The first table contains the website URL, its IP address, and the overall result of that URL.

The second table displays the separate result for each page of that website, if they are blocklisted- it will show listed and vice versa. The efficient, fast and most reliable blacklist lookup can be found at You just have to click the link and you will be redirected to the tool directly. If you want other SEO tools then just visit and select your desired tool.