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There are two widely used types of codes in programming which are named the source code and object code. Source code is simply the programming language used to develop software or a program. Each programming language has its own specific source code for e.g If you are writing a computer program in HTML code so It would be known as HTML source code and the same goes for each programming language. An object code is part of a machine language that is not understandable by humans or at least it requires high-end technical knowledge to understand it properly. It is usually in the form of binary numbers or zeros and ones.

This tool helps you out in getting the source code of any webpage or website. It will display that source code in an editable dialogue box that can also be copied and used under copyright conditions. Although there are various webpage source code generators are available on the internet but the best tool recommended to use is, just click on the link and you will be redirected to the tool directly.


How to use the Get Source Code of a Webpage Tool?

The use of this tool is extremely easy and requires no technical knowledge but if you are using this tool, this clearly means you are a technical person with blogging or website knowledge.


Step 1: Visit, and you will be redirected to this tool directly.


Step 2: A dialogue box will be shown on the screen which says to enter the URL of a website or a particular webpage for which the source code or HTML code will be generated


Step 3: As per the instructions, just enter the URL of the website.


Step 4: Just hit the “submit” button and wait for the results to be displayed on the screen.


The results will be shown in the form of a table that will display the page URL with the hosted IP address and will display the source code or HTML code of that webpage. You can also copy the code and use it for your own website.


Why use the Get Source Code of a Webpage Tool?

Well, this tool is a goldmine for all web developers and website owners. Whenever a pro web developer feels stuck while developing a website and he has an inspirational website already developed. He just copies the source code of that particular webpage of a website and edits it according to his needs and requirements. The use of this tool is easy and a time saver. Using this tool can increase your efficiency level and you can spend you rest of the time doing productive tasks and scaling up your website or a web-based business. This tool also helps in creating replicas of the original website, instead of developing the whole from scratch, you just copy the source code of an original website and edit it according to your needs. The best source code generator tool can be found at, just click on the link and you will be redirected to the tool directly.