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You have linked your website with other blogs. You must need a link analyzer to analyze your link that has been connected or linked with other blogs.

The link analyzer tool is specially designed to help those bloggers who have created backlink and wants to analyze the ratio between internal and external links.

As there are various types of links available that include internal links, external links, no follow backlinks, and do-follow backlinks.

If you want to analyze the link of a whole website then just copy and paste the domain name whereas, if you want to analyze a particular page of your website then just copy and paste the link of that page, the result will be displayed accordingly. The internal links of that page will be displayed separately in a box whereas the external links in a different box. It will not only display the total number of links but the internal and external links that are included in the website or a particular webpage will also be displayed.

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Types of links:

Internal links: The links that are connected and linked within the same website. These are also known as sub-link which are a part of the domain name or main link of a website. By clicking on these links you are redirected to another page of the same website.


External links: After going through the concept of Internal links- you may have got an idea of what external links are. External links are those links posted in your blog posts or a website that is redirected to any other website or blog. When you click an external link it redirects to another external webpage or blog post.


No-follow backlinks: When you tell a search engine to ignore a particular link, no-follow tags are usually used.


Do-follow backlinks: If you really want search engine bots to follow your website link, you use the HTML attribute of Do-follow and your website will get a chance to rank higher in search results.


How to use a Link analyzer?

Step 1: Visit and you will be redirected to the link analyzer tool.


Step 2: You will see an empty dialogue box on your screen, which says to enter the link to your website.


Step 3: As per the instruction, paste the copied link of your website or write it in the respective box.


Step 4: Just hit the “submit” button and wait for the final report.


In the final report, the total number of links will be displayed that your website has.

The report will also contain the total internal link, total external links, no-follow backlinks, and do-follow backlinks with their ratios.


Why use link analyzers?

Link analyzers help bloggers, content writers to analyze their websites in a better way. This saves their precious time and energy which they can use in other productive tasks such as SEO of the website, writing and generating more content for a website, and the list and the list goes on.