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About Meta Tag Generator

Meta Tags Generator


You are here, reading this description through Google search engine, that’s just because of the use of meta tags.

Still confused, what meta tags are and how to use them?


Let’s get into more detail.


For example. You have a website on which you daily publish appealing content that can engage with your audience but you can’t get noticed until you have used meta tags in the description of your website.

Meta tags are those tags that describe the whole website and the content that’s been presented there, once when you check the HTML code of your website, there you will find an HTML Tag named META Tag, which is where you write all the tags for better SEO of your website.

Metatags generally act as keywords of your website but they are entirely different from them. The title and the description you see in search results are just because of meta tags, without them, you will only see the link of a website in search results; nothing more than that.


Now, let’s discuss meta tags generator tools


There are a lot of keyword analyzers and generators are available on the internet but as earlier I said that keywords are a lot more different than meta tags so we have some special tools to analyze and generate meta tags.


As we use keyword researchers to find the best keyword for our website, we write a single keyword in the dialogue box and the results suggest you the keywords will least and the highest competition, so you could use one that suits best for you, meta tags analyzers a way same, yet have some differences.


How to use meta tags generator tools?

The use of a meta tags generator is a bit complex but not that difficult that an individual can’t use it.

Let’s begin with the steps:


Step 1: Visit https://p-seosite.com/meta-tag-generator, you will redirect to the meta tools generator directly using this link, I personally recommend this one to use as of its great performance and quality

Step 2:On the screen, multiple dialogue boxes will appear with their headings, just paste the site title, site description, and keywords( separated with commas) into their respective dialogue boxes.


Step 3:Select “allow robots to index your site” and “allow robots to follow all links” as yes or no as per your choice.


Step 4:Select the type of content your site will display with the primary language of your site, for better SEO you must use English as your primary language.


Step 5: Click on “generate meta tags” and have a cup of tea.


Why the use of meta tags is important?

Everyone living on this earth needs food, water, and shelter to survive without that we couldn’t.


Think of this internet as earth, each website is an individual, and SEO is like food, water, and shelter.


Now, we have a variety of food available, each has a different and unique taste, think of them as different types of SEO like the use of backlinks, keywords, and particularly meta tags, without the use of meta tags, the website won’t get viewership nor it would get recognition and appreciation eventually, it will go down and die.

Here comes the importance and the use of meta tags, they act as food for a website.


Problems you can face while using meta tags?

You might have faced a lot of challenges and problems while using meta tags, the biggest challenge is to search for a perfect meta tag for your website on which your site will rank, remembering that keywords can’t be used as meta tags and they have an entirely different meaning and usage.

Keywords are generally used to categorize your website in a particular category to let the search engine know that content exists in that particular category.

On the other hand, meta tags have a direct impact on ranking your website, it is the series of words on which the competition is low while the searches are high so your website will automatically be shown on the search of that title, you have to use that title in your description without having any impact on readability and tone of the content.


Another issue you might have faced, you have the right meta tag and title with low competition, your website appears on the first page of google search results but you aren’t getting any viewers and the audience is not reaching your website, in this case, I recommend you to create backlinks of your website and re-search your meta tag.

The meta tag you have used might have low competition and fewer website results but it might also have fewer searches, the audience seems not interested in that particular keyword so they aren’t searching for that.

With my experience, I can confidently say that an individual can save his/her site with a perfect SEO strategy and tactics, and with the great SEO of your website, you can also enjoy peace of mind.