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Digital Marketing

08/31/2021 12:00 AM

Digital Marketing 

Conventional methods of Digital Marketing

digital marketingWe are aware of the term “marketing”, and we also know that marketing is to spread your message, product, or service to a bunch of people around you. Marketing is not an unaware term for us, at least for those who have a keen interest in business and entrepreneurship. Well, if you are a business owner, website owner or individual who runs a blog should know marketing in detail because you can’t get successful without learning to sell. 

There are a lot of ways to market your product conventionally. 

The methods are described in detail below.


1. Advertisements: It’s a whole umbrella that has multiple ways to advertise your business. Billboard advertising is the most most common method of advertising your business to mass audiences. The only drawback of this conventional method of advertising is it targets the whole without analyzing the people’s interests and choices. This method is now defaming and getting obsolete. As this method is not used by the majority of people yet, it can provide you great results.


2. TV Commercials: Another great way to market your products. This way is absolutely worth to pay but as a small business owner, it’s not that easy. This conventional marketing method requires a huge upfront investment and you need a whole team to work on your advertisements. From hiring models to editing the video, the whole crew is involved that can charge you up to $5000 or more.


3. Word of mouth marketing:  This strategy has been used by a top global brand “ Starbucks”, they used to print the names of their customers on the cup in which they serve coffee. The customers take a picture of that cup and share it with their friends and relatives and they also tend to buy their product, which eventually grew their sales. This method is still alive and used by many business owners but only the method and the medium have been changed, people take pictures and make videos to upload on social media groups which encourage other people to buy and do the same. 


The Rise of Digital Medium and Marketing

With the rapid increase of social media, the audience has now been converted to phones rather than televisions and billboards. They used to scroll down their feeds the whole day and just want to visit all the sites and advertisements available on the internet. Marketing has entirely changed because of these mediums. 

Have you ever noticed, the products you search for the most from your cell phone, you see the advertisements related to that product? Why is it so? This has changed the concept of marketing. The Artificial intelligence system automatically analyzes your interests and based on that the advertisement is shown or displayed on Youtube, Google, and Facebook. The rise of social media has made marketing easier and cheaper and at the top of all, you can target a particular audience that is interested in your product. This saves a lot of your time and money and you can only spend where you see the most of your returns. This is most commonly known as the ROI (Return on investment). This is the term widely used among marketers. 

Return on investment generally refers to the amount that is spent to get a huge return, sometimes the return could be less. You can get huge returns with fewer investments and that’s the potential of social media marketing or digital marketing. It requires you to have some skills before getting into digital marketing that includes Social media marketing, management, Facebook and Instagram ads manager, and much more. Without these skills, you can’t proceed further into digital marketing.


What is Digital Marketing (2021)

learn digital marketingThe evolution has made it mandatory to switch from conventional methods of marketing towards digital marketing. Well, it has a number of reasons and at the top of all, you can get higher returns with fewer investments. For suppose you have to start a marketing campaign for a real estate company, you would just need a professional graphics designer to design all the content for your marketing campaign, a content writer to write engaging words so the visitor or viewer can convert to your products and lastly a scheduled calendar to have a timely process of uploading and sharing valuable content with your audience.

Another way of digital marketing apart from paid advertisements is to share it into groups related to your niche, again, you can target your audience and can get higher results and returns, if you are short on the budget in the beginning so you can opt for this method and it can provide you a great value without spending a single penny.


Digital marketing has changed the way we think and see, in the previous era we used to promote our products in newspapers which takes a lot of time and money as well with no or fewer returns. Now, TikTok and paid influencing has changed the whole game to market your products or services. You just need to contact any influencer depending on your budget ask them to promote your product through their videos or content and you will eventually see the massive results you will get. Apart from that YouTubers and Bloggers with a huge audience are also a great way to market your products digitally using the ad space of any Blog or a YouTube Channel, you have to pay a certain amount to that Blogger for the promotion and it’s the same as you buy ad space on a billboard, just the medium is changed. Digital influencers have revolutionized the traditional ways of marketing.



Methods to Promote your Products Digitally

Well, you might be aware of digital marketing, but you only know the basic ways to market your products digitally i.e. Facebook and Instagram advertisements. These are also the best and finest ways to market your products digitally and we will discuss them too further, keeping in mind these are only the basic forms of marketing, not the whole of digital marketing. 

Some of us confuse marketing methods and strategies which are entirely opposite. A marketing method is just a way to promote your products using different social mediums whereas the marketing strategy is to analyze the audience and to create a type of content that sells.

Still, confused? 

Well, here comes all the details to clarify your confusion.


Marketing Strategies: Well, as the name says “strategy”, is a way to design your content in such a way so the audience can get engage themselves with it, from writing the content to the design, all comes under this. The best marketing strategy is what perfectly relates to your targetted audience or what underlines the best possible solution to a problem your audience is facing and your product can solve it perfectly and simply.

Have you ever seen the advertisement for dairy milk chocolate, it always targets the audience with respect to the country they are running a marketing campaign and they always try to have occasional promotional, well this is a marketing tactic on the different famous festival of a country. The marketing manager of that company is so smart that it uses the word happiness in their marketing campaigns to show love and affection so more people can relate it with themselves and eventually buy that product.


Marketing Methods: All the promotional methods used to market a product or a service comes under this category. Well, have you ever used Facebook or Instagram ads to promote your products, it’s a way or a method of marketing and there are a lot of them from which we will discuss a chunk.


1. Facebook Ads:  Almost every one of us uses Facebook, according to a survey 95% of people have more than 2 active accounts on Facebook. Thus, it’s a goldmine for all business owners and bloggers. If you want to market a single post to your targeted audience, you can simply use the Boost Post option which will work best for you. Apart from this if you have an advertisement or a page to promote you have to use Facebook ads manager for that. The manager of Facebook Ads is simply amazing, it lets you know all the required details related to your ad campaign. From analytics to the number of visitors, it displays each minor and major detail.


2. Instagram Ads: Well, this is the most common social media platform among youngsters. If you have a product or service that is specially designed for all youngsters or a bunch of them so it could be a great platform to start with your product marketing. There is also an Instagram ads manager where you can easily check out all the stats and analytics of your ad campaign and the audience reach.


3. Viral Marketing: It’s another form of digital marketing, it uses some unusual methods and ways to market your products or services. You can also say it as the second name of guerilla marketing or a digital form of that. Many of us confuse it with influencer marketing but that is not what you think. It’s an entirely different form or a method to market your products or services on social media.


4. Influencer Marketing: This marketing could be hard to start especially for newbies. This requires a huge upfront investment and a separate huge amount of budget only for the purpose of marketing. The influencers charge according to their followers and how much reach they can provide you for your business. If you have a good amount of budget to start a business and can invest in marketing too, you can go for this method and try to reach those influencers who have more conversion ratio than the number of followers.


5. Search Engine Marketing: We all use search engines daily for at least 3 to 5 times a day. Have you ever noticed some websites are still on the top related to what you search for? This is most commonly known as search engine marketing and most businesses use this to remain on the top in search results. Now it completely depends upon you, what rank you need. The charges are all about that.


Scope of Digital Marketing Experts in (AUG 2021)

Well, with the rapid increase of new advertising methods, digital marketers are high in demand, and every other company is agreed to pay them a high amount to run a proper ad campaign on multiple social media platforms. If you can add value to the company’s profits or sales, definitely you will be getting a higher amount of salaries and you can get up to $10000 a month just doing a proper ad campaign, it all depends on what returns to give to that company. The bigger the profits, the more you would get the chance to earn and to get promoted.

Well, apart from working in a company as an employee, one can also start your own digital firm and you would be shocked by hearing that it has the potential to give you $100,000 per month, and that’s what top firms are earning right at the moment.

If you are a potential digital marketing person who has a wide range of expertise in promoting content using social media and search engines and can make strategies to convert visitors into your potential customer you would probably get the highest designation in a company.


Future of Facebook and Instagram Advertising(2021)

Well, with the rapid increase of social media users, these mediums are now the most popular and the most revenue-generating platforms for all users and business owners. These platforms have the ability to generate more revenue and can build your brand credibility. It’s is expected that in the next 10 years these adverting mediums will get a rapid boost and each business will need these mediums for promoting their products to survive in the market. Those businesses that are not on these platforms will most probably die in the near future.

It’s mandatory for every business to join these platforms, create their pages, and start posting content on at least these two social media platforms if they want to gain more profits and generate more revenue.

Apart from these traditionally paid marketing campaigns, most of the influencers are now on these social media platforms after youtube and TikTok. The business owners can reach out to those influencers and can make a huge return on investment. You can also say this is a combo of social media and influencer marketing.