How to Start a Blog

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How to Start a Blog

08/27/2021 12:00 AM

How to Start a Blog(AUG 2021)

What is a blog?

Do you love to write, want to share your words? This could be the best for you. Blogging is simply to write content and share it with an audience, now your audience completely depends upon what type of blog you are writing and in what niche you are, will discuss this further in detail.


how to start ablogBlogging is a way to express your feelings in words, to write about a particular topic or category, to motivate people, to share reviews about different products, and much more.

The person who writes a blog or owns one is most commonly known as a blogger and the act of writing blogs is known as blogging. Blogging is high in demand nowadays.

There are a lot of categories under the term blogging, each one of us chooses according to our interests and the knowledge we have. For suppose, you have a lot of knowledge in business and marketing, there is a great chance that you will opt for the business category while doing blogging, and let me tell you that this category is one of the highest-paid.

Most of the top bloggers or those who have a huge investment think of it as an investment opportunity, they hire a team of like-minded writers for a blog and assign them a task. The employees do all the content-related work with the SEO of that website. As they earn huge profits with less investment so it’s a great chance that the manager of that blog also gets a higher bonus in return. If you are a newbie, you can start off with writing or managing a blog.


How To Select Niche for a Blog(AUG 2021)

Well, this could be the hardest and also the easiest part while building and scaling a blog or a website. This includes a bit of research also. While starting a blog you may get confused about what topic should I start with, do this topic or niche has growth and scalability or not, and a lot of thoughts will come to the mind that is only to discourage you.

I will let you know the perfect way to get into the best niche which could be a perfect match for you.

Find a thing or topic people are searching for the most, for this purpose Google trend is an amazing tool that can help you out in finding that, this tool is designed by Google that lets you know the complete details of a search and top searches according to area and demographics.

There are a lot of niches roaming around the internet. While selecting the perfect niche can lead you towards success and growth. You have to select only one or two niches and have to work on that blog day and night to make it successful. The niches could be finance, business, economics, marketing, lifestyle, money management, celebrity blog, real estate, and a lot more options are available for you. You will get success if you truly believe in what you do and perform it perfectly. The top-rated and highest-paid blog niches are finance, business, health, and celebrity blogs and if you have interest in any of these topics or have a team of skilled writers, you should have to select any one of these.


Difference between Blogging and Vlogging

Here comes the major point of this whole topic. Most people confuse blogging and vlogging, they think that both are the same and have no major difference but the reality is entirely opposite. In fact, both of these are entirely different things.

Blogging is simply an act of expressing your feelings about something in text form or writing a review about any topic. Have you ever read a blog post about a famous car or you were in search of a perfect cell phone based on your requirements and suddenly you came to a blog post suggesting that? I hope you got my point now, the post or a piece of text which is published on the internet that focuses on gaining more and more potential audience that can eventually convert, is most commonly known as blogging.

You watch videos on youtube the whole day, right? Well, I may be wrong but I can assure you that, you have gone through youtube videos and especially the videos of those people- capturing and sharing their life stories through videos. Here comes the concept of vlogging, it’s simply to share your thoughts, reviews, or any other thing using video format is most commonly known as Vlogging. There are a lot of famous vloggers globally sharing their life experiences and stories through video, it is also a great way to become famous not only in a particular region but internationally- depending upon your targetted audience.

You can select a lot of niches in vlogging too, the concept is the same as blogging but only the way and the medium is different.


How to Monetize a Blog(AUG 2021)

We all are curious to know about how to earn money online, there are a lot of ways to make real money online while blogging. Most of the top bloggers earn from the same sources of income utilizing their blogs and the vacant space of their websites.

We will discuss all the real ways and methods that make a blogger wealthy and rich. And by utilizing all the ways smartly and perfectly you can also earn up to $5000 a month just from a single blog or maybe just from a single source of your blog.

Before starting out with all the ways, the skill you need to master before launching your first blog is consistency- without learning this skill you cannot succeed.


The ways to Monetize your Blog(AUG 2021)

  1. Google Adsense: Initially, when any beginner comes to blogging, he has the only known way to earn from a blog that is from Google Adsense. Well, this could be the best or the worst way to earn from your blog-nothing in between. If you have a blog that is according to the requirements of Google terms and conditions, has a great viewership and audience is visiting your blog continuously- it’s a great chance of getting your blog monetized. Google pays you for applying advertisements on your blog. The category of the advertisements is selected by analyzing the type of audience visiting your blog. The minimum threshold is $100 to get the payout from Google Adsense.

Note: You can get paid via direct bank, wire transfer, or western union.

         The best way recommended to get paid is via local bank transfer.



  1. Affiliate marketing: The perfect way to start out as a newbie blogger. This method needs no requirements, no minimum payout, and viewership limits. If your blog is getting viewership and you have a potential blog audience then you can synchronize this method with your blog. Now, it completely depends upon what type of audience you have and in what niche you have a blog. You can apply for the top affiliate programs like Amazon. This website has all the products available for an affiliate program. For instance, you have a blog in the health and lifestyle niche so you can apply for the health and beauty affiliate products. This can also have service-based products like domains and hostings. If you have a blog on website development, digital marketing, or the stuff related to that, you can apply for the affiliate programs in this category.


  1. Selling Ad Space: Well, this sounds more interesting as you get deep into this method. This is the conventional way to market your products or a brand but now the targeted audience has been converted. In the previous era, you used to buy ad spaces in newspapers, billboards, TVC’s and more but now the audience has been converted digitally and they used to see daily updates on websites, those who used to read articles in newspaper-read blogs on articles on websites.

You can also sell the ad space on your website and can charge a certain amount for applying that advertisement on your website and that’s how you can sell vacant space on your blog.


Platforms for Starting a Profitable Blog(AUG 2021)

A lot of platforms are available that have some really eye-catching offers to give you if you start out a blog using their services. That seems really intriguing meanwhile we also have a risk factor by using their platform as they are new to the market. So, as a newbie, you should use those trusted platforms that are working for a long and have at least a well market value.

Some of the reliable and the most trusted platforms are listed and explained below.

Remembering that these platforms could be expensive than others but rest assured that these will definitely provide you a peaceful blogging journey.


  1. WordPress: You might have heard about this platform. This is the most popular one among all the e-commerce experts and particularly bloggers. Almost 95% of the websites on the internet have been developed using WordPress. It’s a must to say that without the introduction of this platform, bloggers weren’t able to begin their first blog and succeed. In short, this has made our lives easier. WordPress requires no coding and still, you can make a perfect engaging website or a blog. For search engine optimization, this platform has built-in plugins that you can simply integrate.

This platform is also a goldmine for all e-commerce store owners and experts, you can start your own e-commerce store just by integrating a plugin, named as WooCommerce.


  1. BlogSpot: Another finest platform or a second great method to start your journey as a blogger. This is a platform provided by Google and has helped a lot of beginners in starting out their million-dollar journey. Most of us start with this Blogspot as it feels more comfortable, reliable, and also trustworthy. It is also most commonly known as “blogger". This platform requires no coding or technical knowledge to start. It provides you all the drag and drop features. Although it doesn’t require any technical knowledge you should know about the technicalities of blogging to get started because this has no built-in plugins to automate the system and you have to make it a success manually.


  1. Wix: This is the only blogging platform a lot of us are unaware of. This is another amazing platform but for only those who need a professional and dynamic website. This is mostly used by freelancers for creating their portfolios and all the stuff related to that because it’s easy to use and one can easily share all the content just with a single click. It doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge, particularly for all freelancers and bloggers. If you are starting out on Wix as an e-commerce expert, you should know about the basics yet you can hire a Wix expert.

This tool is becoming the next popular platform for all the blogger as the features and sustainability are really amazing on Wix.


Things To Consider Before Starting Blogging

Well, most of the newbie bloggers think that they don’t require any skills to start out, as per their believes the only thing you need to have is your writing skills. The fact is you don’t need to be a perfect writer to start a profitable blog because that’s not what makes your blog a success.

The top skill that you need to master is SEO and the ways to monetize, that’s what is essential for the growth of your blog.

SEO not only includes keyword research but also the backlinks creation sharing it on social media platforms and also targetting the audience. You need to have writing skills, marketing skills, SEO, and analysis to check out the growth of your blog properly.

Moreover, you won’t get your first income in the beginning, it takes months and some time years to get your first earning as a blogger. The efforts you do in the begging are really worth it when you start getting the payslips of large figures. So the second and the most important skill you need to learn is consistency, it will lead you to any position you want.


Future Scope of Blogging(AUG 2021)

Blogging is an in-demand skill, you just need to master it properly.

In 2021, content and copywriting is a high-income skill that can make you at least a millionaire. Most of the top-rated bloggers are earning around six figures a month and more by just managing their blog and the team of writers.

You can be the next millionaire as a blogger, you just need to master the above-mentioned skills and work smartly. Innovate and market it to your targetted audience and gradually you will get success.