How to Make Money Online

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How to Make Money Online

08/27/2021 12:00 AM

How To Make Money Online(2021)


Proven Ways of Online Earning



Is Earning Online Legal?

make money onlineNowadays, many youngsters lie between the age of 18-25 are curious to earn money online from the comfort of their room. Some of them are earning around $5000 a month just from a laptop and an internet connection.

Many of them fail too, they want their pockets full, their bank accounts with a huge cash flow every month in a short span. They don’t want to struggle, they don’t have patience and they don’t want to be persistent.

They want to be a millionaire overnight and eventually, they end up failing in the online industry.

Online earning is fully legitimate and as said before, many are earning a huge amount every month. Those who fail due to fewer efforts and not working on their skill set, start betraying the online earning platforms.

I see many students working for money on small websites, watching ads, and just wasting their time. It’s true everything has two sides and perspectives, what matters the most is from which perspective you see an opportunity.

Opportunities are everywhere on the internet, some of them are fake and just a waste of time but some can seriously change your entire life.

The rise of freelancers, bloggers, and YouTubers has proven that if you have a passion if you want to earn money online, no one can stop you from doing that. yeah, failure is a part of success and if you want to be a successful freelancer or want to earn money online in any way, you have to prove yourself and just be consistent.


Can You Make a Full-Time Income Online

Many of us, who wants to start earning online begin our career working part-time. It eventually increases and has the potential to make it your full-time income source. There are various ways of earning money online which we will discuss later on. Most of the students struggle financially and do micro-jobs just to make some cash to cover up their daily expenses. It’s a great way for them to earn quality income without hustling all day. It only requires 4-5 hours a day and you can easily earn $300- $500 without leaving your comfort, i.e. your home.

Moreover, we think, there is a whole struggle behind succeeding in the online industry, so we don’t begin. Whereas, we have dreams to be the CEO of a multinational company, can we be the one without working long hours?- obviously not.

So, online earning is a whole industry like others are. We just need to be passionate enough to be a successful business owner or a freelancer and you can also earn lakhs every month.

Well, you think what qualifications it requires to get successful in earning a handsome amount every month online, there are a lot of misconceptions among the youngster regarding this question. Well, the reality and truth are, you just need a skill that can be monetized and should acquire good communication skills to earn a handsome amount online, every month.

It doesn’t require having a degree or you don’t need to be a graduate for this, even if you are in grade 7 or 8 and have a monetizable skill with good communication skills, you can join can get success in earning money online.



Legit Ways Of Earning Money Online

earn money onlineHere comes the key point of this whole article. The online earning industry is booming so rapidly that eventually- it is creating millionaires and billionaires. Yes, read it completely and you will get to know all the ways and tricks of getting your first income online which will lead you to become the next future millionaire through online sources.

Here, we will discuss the top and legit ways to create your online income source.




               If you are a passionate writer or have a team of top-notch writers- this is for you. It has a huge earning potential and using it smartly can end up making you a millionaire. Most                                                 of the website owners and bloggers are making up to $10,000 a month just from a single blog/website.

Well, it usually depends on the sources of income you have associated with your website or a blog. The two best and the most effective ways of earning online through your blogs are advertisements and affiliate marketing. There are various advertising platforms available throughout the internet having different pay rates. Some of the websites pay you according to the country you reside in. The best advertising platform available is Google Adsense. This is the most reliable and trusted platform to advertise on your website globally. The Google Adsense allows you to display advertisements on your website after fulfilling their complete requirements and creating your website according to their rules and policies.


The second best way is to earn online through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is to sell other people’s products with your commission on them. The most commonly used platform for affiliate marketing on your website is Amazon. You can select products you want to sell on your website through Amazon. Apply a link to that product on your website and write a blog about that. You can easily charge a certain amount of commission set by Amazon on selling that product through your website.

Apart from these, there are a lot more ways to earn through your website/blog.


YouTube Channel 


A significant way to earn online which requires no initial investment- but your time does. Creating a youtube channel requires no time and you can create it within a minute with just a single click. You just need to have your own Gmail account synced with youtube, and your channel will automatically be created. This is the finest way to earn money online for students who love to be in front of a camera- it’s not mandatory. A lot of ideas are roaming around the internet, you just need to catch them, work on them and get success. Many YouTubers are earning a handsome amount of income from youtube without showing their face. They just record their voice, add cinematics behind that, or stock videos and pictures. After editing they just upload it on their own youtube channel. It also has the potential to earn a maximum of $5000 to $12000 a month, depending upon the channels you have.

There are various niches in which you can create a potential youtube channel starting from TECH to FINANCE and MOTIVATIONAL VIDEOS. You have multiple ways to earn through your videos, the best way is affiliate marketing. Google Adsense is also a trusted way to earn from youtube videos but you should have at least 4000hrs watch time and 1000 subscribers to get eligible for the program. Affiliate marketing doesn’t have all these requirements. If you are a newbie on youtube and want to earn immediately, affiliate marketing can work best for you. You just have to select a product from Amazon or any other affiliate marketing platform, create a short video about it, and provide a link to purchase in the description.


Affiliate Marketing

You have great marketing skills, it’s the best way to earn money online. Suppose, one of your close friends has just started a business and assigned you a task to market his products and services, on which you will earn a certain amount or percent of commission on those products- that may vary from product to product according to the price that product has.

The model and concept are the same whereas, the platform or the method is entirely different.

Here you are using digital platforms like Facebook or Instagram to market those products and generate leads.

This could be the best way to earn money online and you can still be an eCommerce store expert. Using this way doesn’t require you to set up your own eCommerce store, and also no need to have a huge upfront investment. If you have a dream to launch your own eCommerce store in the future, you can take it as training which will lead you to your own e-commerce store.

Well, there are various training available on the internet about affiliate marketing, an average affiliate website has the potential to earn approx $20,000 a month with fewer upfront costs and investments.

You can not only earn by selling physical products but you have also a chance to generate high revenue from selling digital products, i.e. domains, hosting, and much more.


Publishing Your Own E-Book

If you are a passionate writer and have knowledge about a particular subject or a topic and are curious to share it with others, then it’s a great opportunity for you to become a published author. Amazon kindle is a trusted platform where you can easily publish your E-books and share them on social media. You can also hire affiliate marketers to promote your E-books so you can generate more leads and eventually more sales.

Well, if you want to scale up your E-books business and want your audience to directly buy it from you, you can easily launch your own website where you can easily publish your books and your audience will easily buy it from you in PDF form.

Moreover, this way requires zero upfront cost, you don’t need to hire a publisher and want them to publish your book. It’s just you and you. You are a writer, proofreader, and even a publisher.

Amazon kindle is a self-publishing platform where you can publish books in PDF that can reduce your printing costs.


Online Scams

You might have heard that online earning is a scam and can also steal you without knowing you. Yeah, partially correct. Those companies who ask for money to join them and some of the fake recruitment agencies ask you to pay some amount to get registered, one registered- they didn’t show up after that. That’s a complete scam and you don’t have to pay them because there is no legal way which asks for money to earn money. By registering on those websites you won’t get richer rather you are making that website wealthy.

You might have heard about PTC sites, which are most commonly known as paid to click websites that alleges to make you a millionaire overnight but actually end up taking your precious time. It asks you to watch ads for 10 or 20 seconds and pay you a certain amount of money on monthly basis. Some website says that you can earn up to $500 a month but actually that’s completely a scam and you end up losing.

Well, have you ever got an email from a reputed company to enter into a lucky draw or to share the link to 20 people and if you do so, you will win a new car or a huge amount. You might have noticed, on opening that website it display pop-ups, display advertisements, and banner ads. They get richer by making you poorer through those advertisements because intentionally or unintentionally you click those ads and you end up paying them.


All students and young people who are aged between 18-25 wish to be millionaires in a short span without hustling. I recommend you all not to follow these scams and invest your time in learning a skill and starting your own proper business or earn through those online ways described above.

The only way to get successful is to follow this path, Learn valuable skills, make money from it, get financially free, and then move onto the next step is starting your own venture and making it successful globally.

Every great thing takes time and gradually you will become a millionaire if you follow the rules of most successful people. The first rule is to Never give up and the second rule is to be consistent, you will end up getting successful in your own field.