Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

08/27/2021 12:00 AM

SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization


What is SEO Optimization? (AUG 2021)

Suppose, you are a blogger or a website owner who publishes content daily or weekly on that website or blog. You want visitors or audience engagement- which are completely different objectives. SEO optimization can help you out doing that. Visitors are those who just give a visit for a second to your website and get back from it whereas audience engagement is entirely different from visitors. A visitor who has just reached your website and finds the content of your website fruitful and interesting will definitely search for more content on your website and will gonna engage with it, that’s called audience engagement.

SEO is the process of searching and applying the best possible keywords for your blog or a post. This is most commonly known as search engine optimization. It optimizes the search engine by using the most valuable keywords used in the website or a blog post.

Apart from keyword research, there are a lot of ways hidden in the term SEO for the ranking of your website that includes, backlinks creation, sharing your content on social media, and more.

Are you confused about Backlinks?

Well, backlinks are simply the links of your website content to another popular website. For e.g, you have written content for a website that has a link to your blog, the audience from that popular blog will reach out to your blog after reading that content. Now it completely depends upon the quality of content you provide and how you have provided a CTA or call to action in that post. You can our Backlink Tool to check your backlinks.


What is digital marketing? (AUG 2021)

Marketing is a way to promote your product to your audience. There are multiple ways of doing that including banners and flyers distribution. These all are conventional methods of marketing that are no more of use. We have a mass audience available on social media platforms and we use those platforms to market our products. The marketing methods and strategies used to promote products on social media are most commonly known as digital marketing.

Digital Marketing itself has so many ways and types to announce your products on digital publishing platforms such as Google, Instagram, and Facebook- the most commonly used platform with a huge audience. The types include SEO/SEM, content marketing, advertising through banners, Facebook ads, and much more.


Types of Digital Marketing(AUG 2021)

  1. Social media marketing(SMM): We all use social media platforms daily to communicate with our fellows or to share our personal stories. It’s a great way to engage with other people.

We have a product or a service to launch and we need sales, the best way is to share it on social media platforms and create engaging content. It will eventually get you huge sales for your business.


  1. Search Engine Marketing(SEM): We all are aware of what search engines are. We use search engines daily at least 3 to 5 times a day. Google is the most commonly used search engine and has become a competitor for all, though it’s not the first introduced search engine yet it’s the most popular one.


  1. Content Marketing: This might sound like a different kind of marketing. It’s not a typical or paid form of marketing. It involves sharing content on social media- Blogs, videos, engaging pictures, educational or informational content, it includes all. If you are a blogger or a vlogger who shares his thoughts or reviews about a product in written or video form respectively, it’s all that comes under content marketing.


  1. Video Marketing: This is what I love the most. Video marketing helps the audience to get engage and eventually convert to your product or service. It involves all the videos uploaded on youtube, youtube paid marketing, TV commercials, and all that include videos with the purpose of selling a product or service.


Is SEO a part of Digital Marketing

We have discussed the most commonly used types of digital marketing earlier. As said earlier that the digital marketing is simply to promote your content, product, or service using the internet. As we know that the content could be in video or written form. That content comes under digital marketing. Blogs and articles use the process of SEO to promote the content on social media and to get viewership and engagement. So directly or indirectly, SEO comes under the umbrella of digital marketing.

Whenever you promote content on social media by asking fellow bloggers to share your blog on their feed or stories, that is also a way to promote content using search engine optimization. SEO is not only finding keywords and just using them in your blog post to get more reach. SEO is a whole branch under the term “digital marketing”. There are various types of SEO as well that includes on-page and off-page SEO.

On-Page SEO refers to the optimization of the content of your website. It involves backlinks creation, keyword research, and other stuff.

Whereas, Off-Page SEO refers to the sharing of your website on social media platforms. It also includes paid marketing on social media.

As a sum, we can conclude that SEO is a part of digital marketing and if you are a blogger or a website owner you should know SEO to make your website successful and to get the audience

If you know SEO and can do search engine optimization well, surely you can say yourself a digital marketer.


Best SEO Plugins for All Platforms

There are various blogging and website development platforms available on the internet. We use what suits us the most. Some bloggers prefer to use WordPress as they think it is a professional and the most trusted platform to use now. Aart from this Blogger by Google and Wix are another two most trusted and widely used platforms for bloggers and website owners.

Every platform has its own setback and drawback, you should choose what fulfills your requirements- ignoring all the luxuries. Your priorities for your website must be on top.

Well, the major requirement to be a successful blogger is to have a premium version of a website with its hosting and an SEO tool or plugin integrated with it.

Blogger is the simplest of all. This platform is created for newbie bloggers and website owners. If are just starting out in blogging, you just need to purchase a domain name that comes under $15 and you can easily start your own website with free hosting, making sure if you are a newbie then enter into this platform.

WordPress has a wide range of plugins available for multiple uses, starting from a simple blog to a whole e-commerce website, it has all available integrated plugins. Some of those plugins are available for free whereas, for some plugins you have to pay a certain amount of money that is worth spending. In terms of SEO and plugins, WordPress sound to bet the best platform for bloggers and website owners.


Top WordPress SEO Plugins(AUG 2021)

1) Yoast SEO: This is the widely used SEO plugin in WordPress. Almost every WordPress blogger uses this plugin to optimize the posts and blog. This platform has the ability to automatically create the complete sitemap of your website which makes it easier to crawl into the search engines. It automatically analyzes all the keywords and creates the XML sitemap to rank in the Google search engine. You need to install this plugin to your WordPress blog after its complete creating form selecting a domain name to design a theme for it. It has all the available features required for a blog to skyrocket its engagement and visitors.

2)Ahrefs: It is another widely used SEO tool for all bloggers, website owners, and businesses. It allows you to perform keyword research, check the ranking of your website, it also allows you to check the complete analysis of your website while targeting the proper and valuable keywords so you can upgrade and update your website accordingly. It has also the ability to check out all the details of the backlink related to your website. It displays all those websites on which your website’s backlink has been created and your website has been linked.

3)Keyword A goldmine for all bloggers, website owners, business owners. This tool has all that you need and can manage your website or a blog easily without any hassle. It’s an automated way to find all the related keywords with all the details about each keyword. From searches to visits, it shows all the details of a keyword.

Now moving to another fastest-growing website

4)Wix: This is the widely used platform after WordPress. It provides you all the essential features required to start your own website, blog, or e-commerce store.

Wix has limited features and uses but as a beginner, it’s a great platform to start with. If you want to build a website just by drag and drop without having any technical knowledge, then this tool or platform could work the best for you.


How to do SEO and Keyword Research(AUG 2021)

Well, performing SEO of a website and doing keyword research are entirely opposite things. keyword research is just a part of doing SEO and optimizing your website whereas, SEO is a whole from creating backlinks to writing a blog post.

Searching for a valuable keyword can take a lot of time and in some cases, it might take hours and hours just to find a keyword that best suits your requirements. Finding the right keyword has a whole process behind it, you have to analyze the search traffic for that particular keyword, check what your competitors are up to, and also have to check all the details according to your topic.

Well, there are so many tools available on the internet from where you can easily get to know all the keywords related to your website. There are two major types of keywords include Short-Tail Keyword and Long-Tail Keywords. Short-Tail Keywords usually have more competition and there is less chance to grow and get ranked in the Google search engine.

There are a lot of ways to improve the SEO of your website, in the beginning of writing a blog post you should check all the tags used in the title. Your title is the key to engage the audience in your post. If your title sounds engaging, visitors will automatically convert and can become your audience who visits your blog on daily basis.

Then comes what we are waiting for long- keyword research, performing keyword research, and finding a perfect keyword for your blog seems to be the most challenging phase for all the bloggers, business owners, and website owners.

There are various tools available on the internet, by using those tools keyword research becomes so easy that every individual having basic knowledge of websites and blogs can perform it. Well, while doing keyword research you just have to enter a keyword related to your website or a blog post into that tool. It displays the ranking of that keyword with all the other related keywords, you can also filter out those keywords and select what matches your requirements. You just have to check out the search ratio, competition of that particular keyword, and other relevant details. Checking out the competition of a keyword is the most important among all. If it shows higher competition then it clearly means that this keyword is not for you and you have to find another keyword with lesser competition. If you are in search of the best tool to perform SEO and keyword research of your own website then you can use our tool available on the same website for keyword research or can use for better results. This tool has the ability to let you know all the related keywords about your website and it also tells you the perfect analysis of your website.


How SEO will impact future websites?

Well, SEO is the only and the most trusted way to increase the revenue of your website. Without proper SEO or SEO Optimization, it’s back-wrecking to grow on the internet. Every new business is depending on keywords and optimization.

Every business needs attention, regardless of what industry it’s in and where it’s located, you can reach out to thousands of potential customers worldwide just by listing your business on the internet. Have you ever thought, can you get recognized just by listing up your website on the internet? Yeah, definitely not.

The only way to grow on the internet is by doing proper SEO optimization and proper keyword research. If you are a business owner, website owner, or blogger, it’s mandatory for you to have your own listed website and you should be checking and analyzing it on weekly basis.