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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots.txt Generator



You’ve accidentally reached this link thinking of what robots.txt is, so no need to go back and search for it as here I will let you know the detailed information about robots.txt and how to use robots.txt generators.

Let’s discuss.

So, Robots.txt generators are the text files that tell the pages of your website, which to crawl. It also tells the pages of your websites not to crawl, if chosen by the user.

You can also say robots.txt files as the robots exclusion protocol or standard.


Why use Robots.txt generators?

We have automatic tools for every task, we can do it manually but our time is precious, and have limited efficiency but the robots tend to be more efficient than humans as well as they also save our time

We can search for keywords manually, count the words in an article manually, check the ranking of an article manually, and a lot more tasks are there that we can perform manually but have you ever thought, why we use a special tool for each task?

Let’s say, you want to market the product you have recently launched, now what will you do?

Will you learn marketing first and then do the marketing of your recently launched product or just simply hire a marketing expert and let him do all the marketing-related tasks?

Now you got the point, I guess.

Hiring a marketing expert will save your time and efficiency, he can also perform the task much better instead of you.

The same goes for the specialized tools that you use for SEO and more, using the specialized tools can save you time and efficiency.


How Robots.txt generators work?

You have to go through with some choice-based questions and let it know what you want the final generated file to perform, let’s follow the steps and you will get to know the complete use of robots.txt generators.


Step 1:Visit, you’ll be redirected to the robots.txt generator tool as you will click the link.


Step 2: You will see some choice-based questions on the screen, those choices will impact the final file you will get. You let it know how it will perform.


Step 3: The very first is to allow or refuse the robots, select the choice as per your own.


Step 4: After that will have to choose the duration of crawling of your website, the least time is 5 seconds while the peak time is 120 seconds(2 minutes), you can also leave it as default or no delay.


Step 5: If you have a site map, just copy the link of it into the third dialogue box shown, if you don’t have just leave it empty. It won’t affect your other choices.


Step 6: Now, you have to choose the robots according to websites to allow and on which to refuse.


Step 7: Great, you’re now on the final step and close to create your robots.txt file using, in the final step you have to copy the link of directories you want to restrict.


Click on create and save as ROBOTS.txt to save your file, and simply click on robots.txt


The generated file could easily be downloaded and it will be with the “.TXT” extension, which you can only open with notepad or notepad++ application software.


What the search robots will do?

Search robots will scrap the data from the search engines.

If you allow a respective search engine to scrap data of your website, it will extract data of your website from that search engine whereas if you select to refuse for a specific search engine, it won’t scrap the data.


Challenges you can have without robot.txt files generator

You might be wondering why should I use the robots.txt file, I am capable to create the robots.txt file without any generator.

Let me frighten you now by knowing the challenges you can face without the use of robots.txt files.


Have you heard of coding and errors in that, the word error itself bleed your ears, no! I’m not here to do that, I will just let you know the truth.


When you will try to create the scrappers manually, sometimes It is out of your hands and there is no way to find the right way.


If there would be no tools for these tasks, you have to write a long code for these and scrape the data from these websites and search engines, and when the code gives you an error you would just put your heads down wondering of a tool to do it, it would take your long long hours coding and creating that simple robots.txt file. Thanks to, it helped you out by creating this amazing tool for you.

Help yourself and your friends by sharing this tool with them.